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Ctrl-Alt-C — Copy the entire vector or color of the button. Ctrl-Alt-V — Paste the entire vector or color of the button. Backspace — Clear the value sets to zero or clears a text field. Minus — Negate number values multiply by Ctrl-Wheel — Change the value incremental steps. Return — Activates menus or toggles the value. Alt — Hold while editing values to apply the change to all selected items objects, bones, sequence-strips.

Shift-Ctrl-C — Over property buttons copies their data path for this property also available from the context menu. Shift-Ctrl-Alt-C — Over property buttons copies their full data path for the data-block and property. This can be used for number buttons and toggles. Alt-I — Clear the keyframe.

Ctrl-D — Assign a driver. Ctrl-Alt-D — Clear the driver. K — Add a Keying Set. This can be used in the Python Console or in the Text editor when writing scripts. Very useful, saved my lots of working hours. Thanks a lot. Thank you!! OOOO thanks so much!!!! I was i big trouble. I am attempted to use online word, I am struggling to get rid of section breaks, I follow the instructions in "help" menu only find I have no drop down menu's as shown in the screen shot.

Thank you, thank you! I'm editing a book for an author pages and couldn't get rid of the 27 section breaks, even after following advice from online MS experts. I used the VBA Macro as well in a copy of the document, as a trial. The only way that worked was after clearing ALL the formatting in the entire book. Not cool to have to do all that work over again--about hours of re-formatting. So next, I made a new copy of the doc and downloaded Kutools for Word.

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After installation, I tried Kutools on a small 5 page doc --inserting section breaks and page breaks, then removed them easily. Happy, happy me. I will be recommending your brilliant add-ins to my other techy family and friends. And my patient hubby is very grateful that my agonizing saga with Word section break anomalies is over. This worked like a charm I am a believer now. Thank you so much for this most useful guide on how to replace all section breaks in one go. Your guide worked perfectly. We had 35 section breaks in Microsoft Office and it was a nightmare to replace them one by one.

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God bless you! I have been trying to delete these danged things for years. Your page is pure bliss!!

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Thankyou, simple explanation that saved a lot of time. It really saved my time and ink since I have been printing the wrong pages because of this section thing. The Find-and-Replace method worked far better than anything Microsoft had when I Googled "How do you delete section breaks in Word Good question, require help with this also.

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I need to add different sentences on different pages in the footer of my document. How do I enter them individually without repetition? How do I format my document? Thanks in advance for your assistance. Useless - I'm looking for away to remove a section break without screwing up my header and footer and page formatting. The last page of my document was intended for A3 landscape pictures with tiny margins but the parts before that were A4 portrait with specific margins, headers, etc.

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If I remove the Section break which was added last to the document , it puts the entire document on A3 landscape with tiny margins and no headers and footers. Does anybody have an i dea how to fix it? I found the solution myself. Unlink headers and footers from the previous pages - starting at the BACK of the document working your way forward. Once everything is unlinked, you can remove section breaks without screwing up your header.

Worked like a charm.

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  4. Thank you so much for finding this method and sharing it with the community! Thank you very much indeed! With your help, I've managed to solve a hideous problem that, for a little while, made me loose my sunny smile