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But could it be that doing that put some extra code in that is messing things up on my Mac? I have clones of the same site on my Windows machine and it's working fine. Here's the error log:.

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I've been playing with this and am hoping this info will help. I have an old folder of the site that was cloned goes to rev I can pull it up just fine on my Mac localhost. But if I try to update it to rev , I get the blank pages. Also, I used the Terminal to clone an entirely new version of the site and only cloned to rev the last one that worked.

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  7. New clones to do NOT work despite the fact that that old folder does. A very long shot, but is part of the byte code sequencing of operating systems, could the error be the O. Try moving this to a folder called a or and see what happens?

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    A very interesting suggestion! Actually, I realized that I had forgotten to add the config file after I cloned the new site. When I did that, it fixed the problem. That still doesn't explain why this happened in the first place on a version of the site that DID have the config file and that had been working just fine, but maybe that was fixed with the Skype problem.

    Thanks for the suggestion. Other stuff running on Port 80 - can't start Apache Server Config. I found a suggestion to run sudo lsof -i checks port 80 on the Terminal so I did that and got the info below.

    I hope you can find something in all that which helps. Regards, DK. Looks to me like apache is running What does this output? The main issue is that Apache keeps conking out, not sure why. Really need to work locally for a new WP build and would love to get this up and running. If anyone has had this same issue, can spot my error, or has other ways to fix the issue and cares to share, that would rule!

    I just re-call reading that somewhere.

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    This is what the error log posts:. I have the exact same issue for for different reasons.

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    I upgraded to Apache 2. But it seems like you guys are using 2. Apparently, I deleted the folder to which localhost was pointing, thus this was making it go all wrong.

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    I changed the location and all was fine afterwards. I turned off WiFi and it started right up. I tried some of the suggestions above with no resolve. Moving it to the beginning has no effect.

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    Is anyone else still experiencing this issue? Hey chrisburton , thanks for your reply. I sought help on IRC over the weekend and others recommended stopping the system Apache, as well. Hopefully others are still experiencing the same issue and we can uncover the issue.