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Its pretty intuitive, and user friendly add-on. You don't have to worry about your information floating around all over the internet. If you give out masked e-mails and masked credit cards, you are protected from companies getting hacked, and stealing your information. I had my credit card stolen before, and I do feel safer when I use masked cards. The masked emails can be easily managed so I can delete them when I get tired of sales emails from those sites.

Developer response posted 5 years ago.

How to Uninstall DoNotTrackMe for Safari Application/Software on Your Mac

Hello - Thanks for your review! We appreciate your support and I can assure you that we know there are improvements to be made and we are actively working on these improvements. We hope you'll soon find Blur to be a 5-star add-on! This add on works great. It keep 3rd parties from following you and collecting your data and does not seem to interfere with the way sites operate like some other add ons do.

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Love it. Thanks for the great review! Happy to hear you love Blur and we appreciate your support. So far so good. In my experience thus far — over past several years — Abine is a top shelf security outfit. Many thanks to Abine for great products and service. Keep it up!

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Used to have MaskMe and DoNotTrackMe, and I'm not sure what happened with the others here but when I clicked and followed all the instructions it looks like all my accounts and emails moved over just fine. Minus one star for now just because I'm getting used to the new UI, but I'll try to update my review once I've played around with Blur more. Hi Sammy P - thanks for the review! We hope that once you get used to the new UI Blur becomes a 5 star :. I really haven't tried it long enough to really know if this is an app which would be beneficial to me.

According to other's when it was changed to Albine, problems started to occur by being harder to use and like everything else, all is not free. This goes for many apps unless you like advertisements. It's kind of a tradeoff. I am giving it a try but I have so many useful tools now, why would I need something like this?

True, blocking telephone calls is a good idea but I have used Vonage to do that. One thing that is nice is that it picks a good password for you but I have Roboform which even does more. You really have to use discretion before you choose the right product for you. If everyone will take the time and read how it works I didn't at 1st and hated the change but after reading it thoroughly I love it.. There is only 1 draw back that is : If your paying a bill like Directtv, Phone Etc you can't use the masked CC as I found out today because the billing address has to match the name and address on the account where service is provide ,, Besides that its a Great add-on.

We have the feature to put your own address against a masked card in beta testing. If you'd like to be in the beta program, email us and let us know. Ever wondered which website is leaking your email to annoying webmarketers? With Blur, it's ancient history. I use it everyday and can't imagine registering to a new website without it. Easy, efficient and well integrated, you can create new masked email in a second and block annoying newsletters even faster. Only 3 things missing, Text message and Masked cards for France and a better protection for accounts 2 factor identification and you'll get my fifth star.

Works great to mask emails.

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Sometimes it takes time to login, especially when the password comes from another application. In my case i didn't notice FF to slow down. Thanks for your review! When you say "sometimes it takes time to login", can you give me a little more detail of what you mean by that? If you'd like to email me : olivia at abine dot com, I'd much appreciate it. Thank you! I will escalate your feedback to our product team to see if this is something we could do - thanks for your feedback!

Love this Add-on. Does what it says it will. Have had none of the problems others describe. Hi Violet4Kat -- Thanks for your feedback! Within the next few months that will be an option! Easy to use, nice features and very helpful! Very eye-opening! Honestly had no idea there were so many trackers out there!


Hi mykey -- great! Thanks so much for reviewing us. Privacyfix is where you can manage your privacy controls for Facebook, Google, the websites you visit and the companies that track you across the Web. Instantly see UtraBlock is a browser extension that detects and blocks ads, invisible trackers and third-party cookies.

It makes websites load faster, more secure and protects your Maybe you want to be the first to submit a comment about DoNotTrackMe? Just click the button up to your right! Toggle navigation. DoNotTrackMe is discontinued. Find alternatives in the list below or click here for more info Appears to have continued on as Blur.

Alternatives 16 Comments 0 Reviews 0. Alternatives to DoNotTrackMe for all platforms with any license. Privacy Badger Privacy Badger is a browser-add on tool that analyzes sites to detect and disallow content that tracks you in an objectionable, non-consensual manner. Ghostery Ghostery sees the invisible web - tags, web bugs, pixels and beacons. Disconnect Disconnect was founded in by former Google engineers and a consumer- and privacy-rights attorney.

Privacy Possum Privacy Possum monkey wrenches common commercial tracking methods by reducing and falsifying the data gathered by tracking companies. RequestPolicy RequestPolicy is an extension for Mozilla browsers that improves the privacy and security of your browsing by giving you control over when cross-site requests are TrackMeNot TrackMeNot is a lightweight browser extension that helps protect web searchers from surveillance and data-profiling by search engines. Trace Trace is an open source web extension which has been built from the ground up to be an easy privacy toolkit for the browser.

Block ads Add a feature. Negotiator Negotiator is a web extension which gives users who are familiar with HTTP requests the tool to simply block and modify them permanently.

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TheGoodData TheGoodData helps you browse the web anonymously by blocking thousands of trackers that watch your online activity. Privacyfix Privacyfix is where you can manage your privacy controls for Facebook, Google, the websites you visit and the companies that track you across the Web.

UltraBlock UtraBlock is a browser extension that detects and blocks ads, invisible trackers and third-party cookies. License Free Commercial Open Source.