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  • Steam Community :: Guide :: How to find, download and launch MODs in Homeworld Remastered.

For most people it is working fine. HW1 received the most work since it had to be moved into a new engine.

HW2 Mod Launcher (Mac) file - Homeworld 2 - Mod DB

However, HW2, which the OP is wanting to play required much less work and mainly just a graphics overhaul. I have heard few if any complaints about HW2R.

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  • Homeworld 2 "classic" won't launch in the remaster pack!

Well when whole game mechanics and systems like formations are broken I can see why people are unhappy. Having it ported to a new engine is not a worthy excuse for them not taking the time to re wright the code to make those important systems work. I am highly looking forward the the re-mastered version.

I think these two were hidden gems. Tried downloading to play the demo of the first Homeworld but had issues running it on newer machines with "3D Acceleration".. Please Log In to post. I'm using windows 7 64bit. When trying to run a mod using the launcher, I set everything up, hit play, get the windows loading spinny cursor, then… nothing.

It never loads into the game, I never even get to a black screen, it just quits without giving me any error message.

HW2 Mod Launcher (Mac) file - Homeworld 2

Like I said, I can run Remastered mods just fine, and I can also play Homeowrld 1 and 2 classic without mods fine. I found one mod that seems to work, the Mass Effect Reborn mod… none of the others I have tried do, however. Steam Version, installed on external drive could this have anything to do with it? Mon Mar 16 SetUserData E: Star Trek: Continuum This one gets as far as a black loading screen!

How to Install Minecraft Mods for MAC : Apple Tutorial

It seems to be involved in both cases.