Mac os x sudo rm operation not permitted

Tried that one Authored by: Different problem Deleting absolutely undeletable files Authored by: White [ Reply to This ]. Search Advanced.

How to Fix “Operation not permitted” Error in Terminal for Mac OS

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From Our Sponsors. Have you tried sudo chgrp wheel. Do a file system check.

Fix Terminal “Operation not permitted” Error in MacOS Mojave

Make sure the file is not locked in Finder no lock badge on the icon. To change it, open the Get Info dialog and uncheck Locked. If it is an "external" volume i. See at the bottom of the Get Info window for the volume itself. Ignoring the whole resource fork thing which is not used much anymore, there are: Normal Unix tools apply. Use xattr -h for help if man xattr does not give you anything. Starting with OS X To fully unlock a file: Old Pro Old Pro 1, 8 Adding to this, other flags might prevent you to change your files.

In my script I put sudo chflags -R nouchg,noschg,nouappnd,nosappnd,noopaque,dump. No such file or directory but running them individually worked fine. If recursive is desired the -R must be the first arg.

To resolve that, boot into Recovery Mode Cmd-R , open Terminal and run csrutil disable , then restart to reenable, use csrutil enable. Thank you I had no idea about file flags. I found this solution and it solved the problems in seconds: Renan 7, 4 30 Is there a way to just unlock everything without deleting it? When I look uchg is not set, and I can turn it on and off again as expected with chflags [no]uchg , but that has no effect on the lock icon in the Finder, or on my ability to chown.

I had the same problem with the Crashplan. To remove them, do the following: Had the same issue with CrashPlan. Nate Nate 3, 4 20 That drove me nuts. Loading page content.

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I checked that post and I see a couple of differences between our situation I'm not running Tiger and my file is not in the trash. Which parts of that discussion should I be trying? Should I really go to single user mode and do fsck? I routinely check my file system with DiskWarrior and I think it's ok. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post.

Cannot Delete File! Please help!

Thanks for the specific instructions! I did that and here's what happened. The first fsck said everything was fine. The chflags was ok as well. I tried to chown both directories then, to see what was there, and the first time it failed with a "operation not allowed" error.

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I then did rm -R on one of the directories, and it disappeared. I then tried the chown again on the other one, and it worked! Maybe there's some latency here somehow. Anyway, I decided I wanted the whole thing gone and I did an rm -Rf on it, and it deleted almost everything, except for one file, which was a link to a nonexistent file it had an ls -l of "lrwxrwxrwx" is that a hard link?

When I try to delete that one, it says "no such file or directory". I thought rm was supposed to delete the link, not the file the link is pointing to! Anyway, I couldn't think of any way to get rid of it - it just won't let me do it.

Anyone have any ideas how to get rid of this link? It's sitting at the bottom of a long tree of directories and I'd now like the whole thing gone Oh and then I fsck'd again, which said no error, and I rebooted. Finder won't let me delete it either error 43, file cannot be found.

Fix Terminal “Operation not permitted” Error in MacOS Mojave

What do you think? I think I was sleepwalking when I answered this last night. I have zero recollection of this although I remember being awakened by a certain 2 year old. Gary Kerbaugh Gary Kerbaugh. I will tell you one obscure thing that could cause symbolic links be followed. However, there are many possibilities and I certainly don't have time to recount them all.